Imperial Samui Hotel

The Imperial Samui Hotel, Koh Samui, Thailand

Imperial Samui Hotel

Restaurants & Dining

Fine dining at The Imperial Samui Hotel has 2 restaurans and Beach bar.

Thai Cuisine Restaurant (Le Jarmjuree)

Cuisine : Breakfast
Floor : Below lobby
Area : 8x16
Capacity : 120/Banquet/Dinner
Operating Hours : 06.30-10.30 hrs.

The Tara restaurant

The Tara restaurant concept has been kept from its original theme of the existing building architecture vocabulary which has an influence from the sense of Mediterranean style. Therefore the same style shall then be carried thought with the renovation of the new Tara restaurant. We have designed the main traffic way leading to the function room and guestrooms be cleared for its individual approach. By following the guestroom walk way down to the steep stair hall, a new focal point that stands before the guest is the Mediterranean water fountain style that acts as a transition space before entering the restaurant behind. After entering into the restaurant, guests’ attention will be again drawn to the central bar that acts as the main “sculptural” piece. The bar is the highlight of this restaurant and yet will create an interesting atmosphere from the morning till the night time by self illumination in different color themes.

The openness of the restaurant is also our priority concern for guests to be able to benefit the sea view as much as possible. Guests will experience the cleanliness of the white and natural color together with clean design and feel comfortable in generous seating which can be found on both ground floor and roof deck. The sense of comfortable and natural touch can be found through the materials on the finishing for examples floors are laid with natural alike tiles with white plaster wash walls.

Cuisine : Thai & International
Floor : Beach side
Area : 15x15
Capacity : 80/Banquet/Dinner
Operating : Hours 11.00-23.00 hrs.

The Beach bar (Le Sandy)

Cuisine : Cocktail, Snack
Floor : Right Beach Side
Area : 15x15
Capacity : 60/Banquet/Dinner
Operating Hours : 10.00-24.00 hrs.